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Milestone Blankets

Kindle Customer

This blanket is beautiful! It is plush and soft, big enough to last for years! High quality through and through. Not to mention I absolutely love the purple and blush colors!

Bliss n' Baby

Head Supporting Pillow


I bought this pillow the day of my sons two month appointment. Bless this pillow!


Diaper Clutch


I've been wanting to get one of these portable diaper changing pads to use outside as my wife really hates having to lay our baby down on public changing tables that can be filthy, especially during this time with the COVID-19 threat. We did try using a thin diaper changing mat before, but the baby would get fussy and cry probably because he was still lying on a hard surface and it's not comfortable for him. My wife then had to use 2 diapers to act as head cushion to put under his head( which sometimes he grabbed and threw on the floor...sigh). She had to reach into a diaper bag to find and grab the wet wipes, the baby butt cream and diapers. It was always quite chaotic and my wife used to dread changing his diapers outside alone.

We read about this type of diaper clutch that holds everything in one place and decided to get one. Finding a style we wanted wasn't easy. My wife is not a fussy person but still wanted to have something that looks nice and feminine, instead of just something that's only functional. Being a mom, she has already sacrificed a lot in terms of personal style and grooming. So we wanted to find products for moms that are practical and stylish at the same time. I was so glad I found this, even though it was new and I didn't see reviews for it yet. I thought we could always return it if it didn't meet out expectations as we really liked the style. But when we received it, it actually exceeded our expectations! It looks and feels even better in reality than in pictures. The floral prints are really gorgeous. The vibrant colors just pop!! My wife has already received compliments from other moms.

We just love love love the wet wipe pouch. Never used one of these before but now we consider it a must have! My wife used to use the huggies travel size wipes, but they were too small (for number 2) and the package was too thick and bulky especially when new. With this pouch she can just refill regular-sized wipes and decide how much she wants to bring out each time. It's super easy to use and no chance for the the wipes inside to become dry like they do with travel size Wipe packages, as it's snug seal and the lid can be closed securely.

The padding and the built-in pillow are amazing. I'm not sure if it's memory foam but it feels really comfortable and soft. Our baby doesn't get as fussy as he did before and we don't need to put 2 diapers under his head anymore. And the convenience! Everything in the same place! No more reaching into the bag to get things one by one. The wet wipe pouch can be tucked in on the mesh pocket and we can just flip open the lid and get the wipes, and just tap close the lid when done.

This has significantly reduced the time we need to change our baby outside. Haven't timed it but I know it's A LOT quicker now, and the best thing is he doesn't mind lying on this pad for the change and doesn't struggle to get out of it shortly like he used to with the old thin pad. So that's a great bonus. I put his favorite teether in the mesh pocket and can easily give it to him during the charge to keep him entertained. My wife usually put her cell, hand sanitizer, cards and car keys in the front pocket so whenever she needs to change him, she just grab this clutch. She has stopped bringing out the old bulky diaper bag.

I thought it was just something we wanted to have, not needed to have. But now we just don't got out without it.

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