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About Bliss n' Baby

Who We Are - 

Our Mission

There is nothing like the bliss of having a baby, nurturing them and watching them grow each day.  As parents ourselves, putting a beautiful smile on the lovely face of your precious bundle of joy while giving you the peace of mind every parent deserves by bringing you safe, hypoallergenic baby products that improve your lifestyle and solve common parenting problems is our ultimate mission. 


Serving the needs of babies and mothers around the world, Bliss n' Baby is a customer-centric company focused on offering safe, quality and amazingly cute products and friendly service every time. As one of the leading suppliers of quality baby pillows and bibs, we have made it our mission to continue carrying the safe, high quality, innovative products to our customers at the most affordable prices so parent.   Shop with us today and experience the Bliss n' Baby difference for yourself. 



We are parents ourselves, and we went through parenting headaches just like any other parents.  We constantly seek the advice and approval of pediatricians when we develop our products and put them to test before we launch and release them into the market.   While the cuteness of products attract parents' attention, it is very important to ensure the products are not only cute but contain no harmful chemicals, toxins, fluorescent agents as babies' skin is very delicate and infants' immune system is not yet fully developed.  We should never put the innocent infants at risk of any adverse or allergic reaction from using products that are not organic or natural.  From cuteness, functionality to safety, we have you and your precious little ones covered.

Before, during and after every sale, Bliss n' Baby team will be there to assist you in any way we can.  If you have any questions about our products or usage instruction, or simply have some opinions to share, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.  We'd be more than happy to assist.  


Shop with us today and let our experienced team make you a very happy customer.  

Why Choose Bliss n' Baby

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