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Bliss & Baby Head Shaping Pillow

What is special about

Bliss n' Baby Head Shaping Pillow?

Do you want to let your baby sleep on their back to avoid SIDs but worry about Flat Head Syndrome? 

Bliss n' Baby Head Shaping Pillow is the perfect solution!


Best Design & Functions - Designed by Pediatricians for newborns & infants to prevent and correct flathead(plagiocephaly) and torticollis. Ergonomic design with ideally sized and positioned indentation to cradle the infant's head & distribute pressure evenly to prevent any flat spots from forming & support neck, head & back alignment for a beautiful round head.

Best Materials Used - Made of organic cotton, hypoallergenic and free of any toxins and fluorescent agents. It has a soft smooth surface that does not get baby's hair tugged, unlike other pillows.

Anti-Rollover & Anti Reflux Pillow - This infant pillow prevents the baby from rolling over. It also prevents acid reflux as it keeps the baby's head slightly elevated.

MAXIMUM Safety & Comfort - 100% breathable 3D Air Spacer Mesh surface on the back with cooling effect to ensure safety and comfort. Your baby can easily breathe through it. It draws heat and moisture away to avoid sweating & keeps your baby's head dry and ensures longer stretches of peaceful sleep. This cooling side can be used as the front in summer.

Durable, Hygienic & Saves your Time - 100% Machine washable and can be tumble dried. The shape and support of the infant pillow remains intact even after frequent washing & drying.

Use it anywhere - The perfect headrest for the crib, bassinet, car seat. It is small enough to fit easily into a nappy bag - the perfect baby travel pillow.

Comes with a pure cotton BANDANA BIB: Makes a perfect unisex Baby Shower Gift!

You get:

1 Baby Head Shaping Pillow made of 100% organic cotton

1 Stylist Bandana Bib made of 100% organic cotton 

Both the pillow and bib are made with no toxins, fluorescent agents or any chemical allergens to protect your baby.  

BUY NOW ON AMAZON WITH CONFIDENCE, Satisfaction Guaranteed.   We are very confident about the quality of our products.  If you are not fully satisfied with the pillow, simply return to Amazon with 60 days and you will get a full refund.  

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